That English thing, again

I had an unexpected pocket of time, so I picked one of my long-neglected items in my “Someday/Maybe” list and quickly added a new custom taxonomy to this WordPress blog in order to have Languages.

I’ve failed time after time to start a new blog in English. By “blog” I mean both the engine and the writing. Yet, call me alienated, call me whatever but there’s this part of me that thinks in English. I’m not of the idea that “English is better,” or “sounds cooler than Spanish,” it’s just that I read, write and talk in English daily (I do freelance work for English-speaking clients) and I’d like to reach this audience too.

I’m still not sure if this blog is the best place to do this, but I’m super tired of indecision and paralysis. I decided to stick to what I decided long ago and just write.

Let’s see what happens and decide later. Maybe I discover a key reason to have a separate blog. Or maybe not.

We can always setup 301s later. That’s the beauty of controlling your own platform.

Here, hear, it’s Ghoti

Nota: Para entender realmente este post tienes que saber inglés, así que me tomé la libertad de escribir el resto en inglés.

How do you pronounce “Ghoti”?


Ghoti is a constructed word to highlight the irregularities in English spelling (a thing I hate a lot, but not as much as French). According to Wikipedia, the spelling is constructed thus:

  • gh, pronounced /f/ as in laugh /læf/;
  • o, pronounced /ɪ/ as in women /ˈwɪmɪn/; and
  • ti, pronounced /ʃ/ as in nation /ˈneɪʃən/.
  • I’ll receive visits from people from the USA on these days, so I’ll save this one as a joke.