Here’s the JSON Feed

This blog now has a JSON Feed, so I can be added to Icaplanet!

Icaplanet is an old Planet, a feed aggregator, written by Oliver which used to aggregate many blogs from Ica-based friends, long before social media took over the internet. I believe things will go full circle someday and blogs will come back.

So, Oliver is reimplementing Icaplanet and he’s using JSON Feed instead of plain old RSS. The domain was about to expire and he asked me if he should renew it. I have other priorities right now, writing on my blog is not on my short-term plans, but I don’t want Icaplanet to go the way (that’s a story for another day) so I said yes and I might post sporadically, no promises.

Oh yeah, feed’s here:

You can add me now, dude!

I wish my web server were in the corner of my room:

First there’s the feeling of “I made that!” which leads to the feeling of “I can make all kinds of things!” You will definitely get that more when you install the software on the web server yourself, and also when you copy over your own hand-coded text files. (The web is just text!)