ffmpeg can do that?

I was reading Drew DeVault’s In praise of ffmpeg and read this part:

I was recently hanging out at my local hackerspace and wanted to play some PS2 games on my laptop. My laptop is not powerful enough to drive PCSX2, but my workstation on the other side of town certainly was. So I forwarded my game controller to my workstation via USB/IP and pulled up the ffmpeg manual to figure out how to live-stream the game to my laptop. ffmpeg can capture video from KMS buffers directly, use the GPU to efficiently downscale them, grab audio from pulse, encode them with settings tuned for low-latency, and mux it into a UDP socket.

And I was like… ffmpeg can do that? I didn’t know it was possible to do such a complex thing using just ffmpeg. Fair enough, there’s the USB-over-IP thing for the gamepad, but still.

I commented it to Oliver and he was explaining me some stuff I know very little of and should set aside time to learn. KMS, the role of the Compositor, Wayland (I use X11), etc.