Gradually, Then Suddenly

Gradually, Then Suddenly:

What’s been holding us back is fear of the unknown, and attachment to the familiar. I can’t tell you how many of the investors I see espousing distributed work once told me that Automattic would never scale past a few dozen people unless we brought everyone into an office. Or the CEOs who said this would never work for them, now proclaiming their company hasn’t missed a beat as tens of thousands of people started working from home.

It’s Time to Get Back Into RSS

It’s Time to Get Back Into RSS:

The idea—which seems strange to type out—is that millions of people in the world could create and publish ideas, thoughts, and content…and then people who enjoyed that content would collect sources into a reader, which was called, well, an RSS Reader.


Reddit is awesome, for sure. And so were the other aggregators. But I think they stole something from us. First, they broke the direct connection between the reader and the creator, making it so that Digg showed you a story, not Kristen—who you’ve been following for years. And second, it removed the need to tend to one’s own input garden.

Libro 7 del 2020: “TED Talks: The Official TED Guide to Public Speaking” por Chris Anderson

El séptimo libro que voy leyendo en este 2020 es “TED Talks: The Official TED Guide to Public Speaking,” escrito por el mismísimo Chris Anderson.

Estuve buscando un libro como éste para mejorar la presentación y exposición de mis prédicas. Está basado en la experiencia de alto calibre que caracteriza a los TED Talks, sin dejar de ser práctico. Las anécdotas son muy instructivas. Lo recomiendo bastante.

Twitter permitirá a sus empleados trabajar desde casa para siempre

Twitter will allow employees to work at home forever:

[…] Twitter human resources head Jennifer Christie told BuzzFeed News the company would “never probably be the same” in the structure of its work. “People who were reticent to work remotely will find that they really thrive that way,” Christie said. “Managers who didn’t think they could manage teams that were remote will have a different perspective. I do think we won’t go back.”

Debido a la pandemia del COVID-19, Twitter se vio forzado a adelantar sus planes de trabajar distribuidamente. ¿El resultado? Ya no darán marcha atrás.

Nuevo Kickstarter: Colors Live para Nintendo Switch

Jens, el desarrollador original de Colors!, el programa de dibujo para Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS y otras plataformas, está organizando un Kickstarter para crear una nueva versión para el Nintendo Switch.

El Nintendo Switch no trae un stylus como el Nintendo DS o 3DS; parte del propósito de este Kickstarter es la producción de un stylus que se enchufa al Switch y es sensible a la presión. Además traerá un nuevo modo juego con retos y metas diarios para motivarte a dibujar.

Años atrás compré un Nintendo DS para usar Colors! ¿Será excusa para comprar un Nintendo Switch esta vez? :)

A Possible Third Solution to End the Pandemic

A Possible Third Solution to End the Pandemic

The current consensus is that only a vaccine or highly effective treatment will end the threat posed by COVID-19. Unfortunately, developing a drug or vaccine and then proving that it is safe for widespread use is likely to take many months, if not years.

However, there is a third solution that could be implemented this year […]