Writing, and Consistency Over Perfection:

The idea is to acquire the habit of writing daily. If I miss one day, then my focus should be on not missing a second day.


My plan for 2023 is to continue writing daily. I’m aiming at consistency rather than perfection, so I rather publish every day than spend two or three days trying to make a post exceptionally good.

This is so inspiring. Ugh, I want so badly to write consistently on my blog again.

You know what, that’s it. Don’t think about it. Don’t plan for it. Just start.


Introduction to the Zettelkasten Method

Introduction to the Zettelkasten Method:

A Zettelkasten is a personal tool for thinking and writing. It has hypertextual features to make a web of thought possible. The difference to other systems is that you create a web of thoughts instead of notes of arbitrary size and form, and emphasize connection, not a collection.

Un muy interesante método de hipertexto usando papel. Gracias a Roberto Zoia por el dato.