Now when people have babies I congratulate them enthusiastically and I mean it. Especially the first one. I feel like they just got the best gift in the world.

What changed, of course, is that I had kids. Something I dreaded turned out to be wonderful.

Paul Graham describe, con la elocuencia que le caracteriza, la experiencia de convertirse en padre de familia y las maravillas de tener hijos. ¡Cómo me gustaría haberlo escrito yo!

“Does it line up with the person I want to be in my kids life?”

Havilah Cunnington:

Today I said no to something I really wanted to do. Like one of those things I’d waited for for a really long time & when I took the call my heart got all excited. Yeah, it’s one of those things. ⠀

I jumped off the phone to tell Ben my exciting news, but even as the words left my mouth, I realized it wasn’t going to work. You see, the kids start school this week & I wanted to be there. Could I have made it work? Absolutely. Does it line up with the person I want to be in my kids life? No. So, as quickly as the excitement came so did my sadness.⠀

Remembering these Moments

Remembering these Moments:

Admittedly, a part of me wants to chronicle my own personal parental journey for the sake of grabbing hold to something that slips every man’s grasp: that elusive moment in time when we stop for a moment, lift our heads and declare the beauty before us to be good. The river of time pulls us so quickly away from those moments, though, try as we might to pause longer and savor them; and we’re swept onwards with a handful of earth that seems to dissolve away all too quickly in its flow.