Un concentrado de egoísmo y avaricia

Alguien en Quora hizo la pregunta, “What is it like to be an adult and not have kids?” Pensé encontrar respuestas de parejas que no pudieron tener hijos describiendo sus experiencias o algo así. En lugar de ello, hay un escandaloso concentrado de egoísmo y avaricia.

There is, of course, the money issue: children are money pits. Instead of spending my hard-earned shekels on toys for the kids, we get to spend them on toys for the adults. I drive a really fast car; with children, I’d have had to trade it for a minivan or something “safe”.

¿”Money pits”? ¿En serio no es una broma?

I sometimes wish I had a son . . .

Until I realize that I hate the thought of losing all my free time, my free money, my ability to just do whatever I want without worrying about what will happen to the kid when I solder him/her into a cage with a bottle of water, a box of Cheerios, a bucket for a toilet and a TV set to Nickelodeon. That sort of stuff will get a guy in trouble.

Y el ganador:

It is fantastic to not have kids but also it does make me intolerant of people who have kids.

It means I can pretty much do whatever I want. So I eat out at the smartest and newest restaurants and drink at all the cool bars.

It’s given me time to develop a high profile food blog in the city I live and because I’m recognised I get better than normal service.

I explore diverse and interesting cuisines and drinks too.

I go to art openings and exhibitions. I read widely.

I also buy what many people would regard as pricey cloths.

At the end of the day I have nothing to show apart from my paunch, wardrobe and wide knowledge because in my shallow existence all I do is live for pleasure.

Me siento indignado.