Some Perspective on the Japan Earthquake

Some Perspective On The Japan Earthquake:

When the mall I was in started shaking, I at first thought it was because it was a windy day (Japanese buildings are designed to shake because the alternative is to be designed to fail catastrophically in the event of an earthquake), until I looked out the window and saw the train station. A train pulling out of the station had hit the emergency breaks and was stopped within 20 feet — again, just someone doing what he was trained for. A few seconds after the train stopped, after reporting his status, he would have gotten on the loudspeakers and apologized for inconvenience caused by the earthquake. (Seriously, it’s in the manual.)

Este es un imperdible artículo, altamente recomendado, acerca del reciente Terremoto en Japón y la organización y preparación japonesa frente a este tipo de desastres. En serio, léanlo.