I’ve reached Todoist’s Enlightened Level

I usually don’t celebrate these gamification things, but hey, my days have been hectic and stressful lately, so yeah, I’ll celebrate this one.

“Enlightened” level is Todoist’s highest level when reaching 50,000 points; I guess I won at Todoist, then? Oh, no, wait, the help page says:

Once you reach Karma Enlightenment, a new mystery theme will be unlocked on your account.

Ok, that sounds interesting. I see nothing new on my account, maybe it will roll out soon.

Update: Sorry, I misread. It’s a mystery theme, not a mystery level. Yeah, I can see the new color theme now, pretty fancy. And so, yes, I totally won at Todoist.

Todoist, by the way, is the task list management service I currently use, after Wunderlist begun its slow death. As my Karma level can attest, I highly recommend it.

On taking breaks

This year I’m re-learning the importance of taking breaks. If I keep pushing and striving to solve a problem, I gain nothing but increased frustration. I must force myself to take a break, clear my mind, set aside the issue or maybe work on it the next day.

And then, with fresh eyes and a rested mind I can attack the problem again and perhaps notice some detail I missed or think on another approach that would work.