Moving lines in Vim

I’m learning to move ranges of lines in Vim. What I usually did was jump to the starting line, enter Visual Mode, select the lines I want to move, cut, move to the desired location and finally paste.

But Vim has a more efficient, shorter and faster way to do this, no cursor moving at all.

  • Move current line to line after 12: :m 12
  • Move current line to before first line :m 0
  • Move current line to after last tine :m $
  • Move current line to after line with mark a: :m 'a
  • Move range of lines: 5,7m 21 — will move lines 5-7 to after line 21.
  • Move 5 lines starting at current line to after line 21: :.,.+4m 21
  • Move current line 2 lines after current line: :m .+2

And you can return to the line you were with g; (and g, is the opposite).