Jaime G. Wong

Jaime G. Wong

Backend developer with artistic sensibilities

I'm a Web Developer located in Ica, Peru. I have a wide set of skills including Backend (PHP, Zend Framework 2), Frontend (HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Foundation) and Linux server administration.

I'm a husband and a father of two. I derive joy from creating things in several media. I love to draw, so I built a website called Retrazos to share all my drawings and comics. I created Dibujemos.com where I host Artistica to teach others how to draw and the Peruvian Artists Sketchblog.

On 2013 thru 2014 and 2016 thru 2017 I recorded one second of video every day for a year. On July 2015 I took a daily photo for a month. On January 2016 I tried to draw on my Journal Comic every day but had to stop due to sickness.

I believe in Jesus Christ as my saviour. I preach and teach the Word of God at my local church.

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